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Logo Label Origine France Garantie

Label Origine France Garantie

Piscines Magiline is one of the first companies in France to have obtained the Origine France Garantie label in 2011.
It is also the only company to date to have been awarded this label among pool manufacturers.
This award allows us to reaffirm our know-how and our sense of citizenship in the French economic fabric.


The label is awarded according to two well-defined criteria, namely that the place where the product takes its essential characteristics is in France (place of assembly, manufacturing, assembly…) and that at least 50% of the value of the product
corresponds to production activities in France.


This label is different from other mentions such as “Made in France”, “Fabriqué en France”, “Conçu en France” which are self-declaratory (the place of the last transformation is often enough to claim that the product is made in France). In this context, the objective of the label is to become indisputable thanks to certification by an independent and accredited body. It provides consumers with a clear and objective indication of origin.

French Fab movement

Piscines Magiline recently joined the French Fab movement, which represents an innovative, export-oriented industry that is open to the changes brought about by digital technology and the green economy.

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